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Applicant's Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend beginning with the Dear Colleague letter, which provides an overview of the entire institute. (The link to the NEH Cover Letter for applying is located here:

Q: How many copies of my application should I mail?
A: We ask that you mail three copies of all materials, including each recommendation letter.

Q: Where do I send the three copies of my application? The application must be postmarked by the deadline:

William Gilly and Susan Shillinglaw
Hopkins Marine Station
120 Ocean View Blvd.
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3094

Q: I found out about your program after the deadline.  Can I still apply?
A: If there are extraordinary circumstances, we may accept late applications.

Q: If I'm not a classroom teacher; can I still apply? OR: I teach abroad.  Can I still apply?
A: According to the NEH website: full-time teachers in American K-12 schools, whether public, charter, independent, or religiously affiliated, as well as home-schooling parents, are eligible to apply to NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes. Americans teaching abroad are also eligible if a majority of the students they teach are American citizens.  Librarians and school administrators may also be eligible.

As a librarian or an administrator, it is helpful to state how you will be able to share the knowledge of the institute with the students of your school.

Q: How many institutes can I apply to?
A: You may apply to no more than two NEH Summer Programs (seminars, institutes, or Landmarks workshops) and you may attend only one. 

Q: Can more than one person from my school apply?
A: Yes. 

Q: I'm a graduate student who wants to pursue a career in K-12 teaching.  Can I apply?
A: Yes!  Up to three institute spaces are available for current graduate students.

Q: How will I be notified if I am accepted?
A: All applicants, both accepted, waitlisted, and rejected, will be informed by email on a date set by the NEH (typically the beginning of April).  We also call all accepted applicants.  If your email address or phone number has changed since you applied on the website, please let us know so we can update our records.  

Q: Can I get continuing education credits for attending the Institute?
A: Yes.  San Jose State University does offer continuing education credits that can be earned by institute participants.  More information about signing up for this program will be given upon acceptance to the institute. 

Q: If I'm accepted, can my family / spouse come along?
A: This program encourages interaction among a group of NEH Scholars. While your family or spouse may come to Monterey while you are participating in the institute, the NEH does not allow non-participants to attend sessions or go on excursions.

Q: I still have a question that wasn't answered here.   Whom do I contact?

A: Eric Mora,




Stanford University


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